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The talented Avinash Mishra

Nothing important, just gibberish. I release my joy, frustration and daily tu-tu here without my wrist being slapped by Social Media owners or crazy fans.

Posts are private because I want to use the language I generally do, in real life and I want to speak from the heart whether the person or character I am writing about likes it or not.

And, the fact is, that if Avinash Mishra (Yeh Teri Galliyan, Titli) can accept my rants and ignore them and not block me on social media gives me assurance that there are people, actors, fans in this world who accept other people’s opinion of them. Unfortunately, fact also is that some fans just want to hear rosy things about their idol which is not practical, hence the private posts!

I try not to be rude, just state the facts, like Avinash Mishra always carrying a mountain of hair on his head (see image) irritates the hell out of me. He looks (to me) so sexy with normal hairstyle and I always bug him about it on Instagram and he just laughs it off (I assume, considering he hasn’t blocked me).

And, yes, Avinash reads all the comments because he has acknowledge them by liking the comments so I know he takes things in stride. One reason I absolutely love the boy!

The realization that some of these public figures are more accepting of the rant than their fans has made me create this blog so that I can speak what’s in my head and heart without explaining myself to anyone. So the fans who don’t appreciate my opinion don’t get a chance to react to my thoughts!

My love of 15+ years! Jensen Ackles

Second reason for this blog is to allow myself to consistently develop my blogging/coding skills. So many things have changed since my last blog, which was about Michael Jackson and, which I terminated in 2016.

While I take time to figure out what else I really want to discuss here, I can, in the meantime, steam off my frustration of TV shows and TV characters and upgrade my coding skills.

And, finally the most important reason …

I watch a lot of ITV (since Covid). They are generally all bakwas because ITV writers don’t know how to pen something for decades like TV show Young and The Restless (USA) and Coronation Street (UK), still, because I was raised in an East Indian home, I used to find myself watching a lot of Bollywood movies until Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. It was then I realized the crap that goes on behind the scenes and vowed to not watch any Bollywood movie for 34 weeks (SSR was 34 when he was murdered, YES, IT WAS MURDER, you don’t agree, go read someone else’s blog posts).

The only person I break this rule for is Ranbir Kapoor. I don’t know, I just find him to be the only sensible actor, even though, Hrithik Roshan is considered a better actor, but I find that man fake from head to toe, and it is not about reality, it is about how I feel about someone, so Ranbir is my choice of best actor from Bollywood because he is not only pleasing to the eye but can actually act and chooses multiple genre unlike HR who prefers biceps bravado. I mean, when was the last time he did a mind blowing role like Amaan (Fiza)?

Returning to the point, because I stopped watching Bollywood films, I spent a lot of time watching ITV shows. As mentioned, they are all crap, same story, same statue scenes, same mahaan female leads, same flashbacks, same witches, bitches and badi bindi waali aunties in almost all of them. Because of the bakwas, I could either stop watching the crap or release my anger and frustration somewhere in a healthy manner, freely and privately. Hence, the blog and the name, “emotionally abundant” because I am telling you some of these ITV characters have a way to push your buttons and drive you mad (in anger or love). ITV writers favourite firecrackers are women who eagerly plot to remove their sister from her husband’s life so they can spread their legs for their jee ja jee! Absolutely insane what these writers serve to ITV viewers!

Gone too soon! Sushant Singh Rajput!

My ITV experience before Covid was one show every year. During Covid and after SSR’s death, I started to watch around 15 shows a day! Imagine THAT! 15 shows EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! Eeeek!!!

In October 2020, I found Ghum Hai Kissikey Pyaar Mein and fell in love with the character Sai Joshi.

In 2022, I found Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Generation 3. I did not watch 1st generation or 2nd generation because there were just too many episodes. So, when I heard Saudamini from Barrister Babu got signed as a lead for generation 3, I said .. whatever! Then, for some reason, Instagram reels started appearing in my vortex and I decided to check out YRKKH, Gen3.

I found that the show was slightly different. In that show, there were realistic jealousy and bitchiness, nothing that I could not, in real life, relate to. I opted to watch that show even though Arohi was after her sister’s boyfriend. Her aside, within 80 episodes, I fell in love with the male lead character, Abhimanyu Birla.

As much as I don’t like Harshad Chopda (I think it is because of what I read he did to Sushant Singh Rajput earlier in their career; and, because after falling in love with Abhimanyu Birla, I went back to watch HC’s earlier work (Bepannah) and I couldn’t stand him! This was true, then, before I watched YRKKH3 and it is true today (2023), I still can’t stand that Aditya Hooda), thank God my feelings for HC have not affected my appreciation of Abhimanyu Birla. But, in less than 400 episodes of YRKKH3, I got tired of Abhimanyu and removed him from my heart because he just depressed me so much and because he turned delta from alpha!

I fell in love with Abhimanyu because he was alpha male, very much unlike Virat Chavan of Ghum Hai Kissikey Pyaar Meiin, and so when he turned into a delta male, I kept rolling my eyes, screaming at my TV screen, talking to Abhimanyu to man up!

Got fed up of all that and went looking for new shows to watch. Nothing was pleasing me. My favourites were Pravisht Mishra who was doing Banni Chow, a typical garbage ITV show and Avinash Mishra, who was doing a show on Dangal TV, a channel/app I don’t get in Toronto, Canada. Therefore, I went searching for something that would change my long boring, quarantine days into something happy, at least, if not joyful!

I was basically done with Abhimanyu Birla within 400 episodes (generational leap #2, YRKKH3 started on episode 406 and I was done with Abhimanyu by episode 790). The man was never happy or content in life. From episode 1 of YRKKH3, and later he just turned into tears tap! Enough already old boy!!!

I think this is Mohsin and not Kartik!

In fact, almost everyone got sick of YRKKH3, so many people on social media (YouTube, IG and Twitter) were complaining that YRKKH3 is a copy of YRKKH2 so they stopped watching generation 3.

The TV ratings of YRKKH3 were also not picking up, hence they brought in a 2nd male lead, Jay Soni to play Abhinav Sharma, leaving Abhimanyu as a 3rd wheel and Jay Soni as male lead from episode 790. The story got some legs and the TRP increased and the show was saved, otherwise it was going to allegedly (by Tellywood Updatez) be cancelled!

Anyway, after hearing all those “copy of YRKKH2” cries, I decided to watch YRKKH to see why the show plugged 3000+ episodes before YRKKH3! Approximately 500 episodes into YRKKH1 I got bored because it was too traditional for me. The talent was great, the story was great but the clothes, the environment, the social environment was too 1950s for me. Hence, I jumped from episode 500 of YRKKH1 to episode 2050. I don’t know why 2050 but that’s where I landed.

From episode 2072, there was a generational leap and a new pair were introduced with Mohsin Khan playing male lead as Kartik (last name unknown!) and Shivangi Joshi playing female lead Naira Singhania.

Oh boy… the rest, to put it simply, is me blowing flying kisses at Kartik every time I saw his face on my TV screen! The kisses started from episode 2072, scene 1, second 1 (literally, the first second, I didn’t even know how tall he was, usually a factor with me, my love meter rages hotter the taller the actor!)

Kartik started from episode 2072 of YRKKH1. This was the beginning of generation 2 or YRKKH2. I fell in love with him even before he got out of the raft and today, after having watched over 1200 episodes I am still falling in love, harder, every time I see him!

Kartik is THE ONE for me for years to come! I have a few issues with him (or the actor, Mohsin Khan), he is not perfect, but boy he is near perfect and is playing this legendary role of Kartik Goenka (last name revealed around episode 2245) to near perfection!

In my entire life, I have never watched such a wonderfully written character, least of all on Hindi TV! I even commented on Instagram, somewhere, that as far as I am concerned,

♡ ̆̈ There wasn’t and I highly doubt there will ever be a perfect male lead character than #KartikGoenka! Yes, we may love a lot of male leads but not one of them can be as beautiful, as perfect as Kartik! I found him late but got swept away by his personality, his strength and weaknesses and comedy! Whether #MohsinKhan won more awards than other male leads or not, he will forever remain THE best actor that gave a face to a legendary ITV character! ♡ ̆̈

Mind you, when I fell for Abhimanyu Birla, I had said the same thing, that I had not experienced such a wonderfully written Hindi TV character. Today I understand why so many people were fuming about YRKKH3 being a copy of YRKKH2 because Abhimanyu Birla is a bad copy of Kartik Goenka!

Today, I realize why a lady on YouTube blasted me with so much anger when I told her to give Abhira a chance because YRKKH3 is “a really good show”, my exact words! But then, I had not been privileged to THE Kartik Goenka and the jodi Kaira. It’s true, when you don’t know an iconic character, then you don’t know what you are missing, until you meet or get to know that iconic character!

After being introduced to Kartik Goenka, I literally laugh out loud when I read on social media people saying “Abhimanyu Birla is the best male lead from all generations of YRKKH”! Joke thha kya? 😂🤣😂🤣Yes, joke hi thha!

Jay Soni played Abhinav Sharma

These people who say Harshad is the super best clearly didn’t notice Jay Soni shining brighter next to Abhimanyu Birla! Usually, a stronger actor overshadows everyone. As soon as Abhinav Sharma was introduced, Abhimanyu Birla literally became an underdog! Which tells me, Jay Soni, is a stronger actor because not once did the award winning Harshad Chopda over-shadow Jay!

In 2023, the blog has become more a “Kartik Goenka” blog than anything else. In writing about him, the views are my own and are about the character, not the actor. I don’t share my views or ideas about the actor (Mohsin) with anyone else, even though I do have them, and strong ones! If the blog heading or category reads “Mohsin Khan” then I am talking about him, but privately. Sharing my thoughts about an actor (not the character) must remain private! And, as I mentioned earlier, my thoughts are all gibberish—no filter, thoughts and feelings that come from the head and the heart.

Mohsin Khan is not doing a TV show currently. Let’s hope when he returns, if he returns, he finds success because after playing a Kartik Goenka, I don’t know what else he can play that is not run of the mill. Kartik gave him extra-ordinary opportunity to showcase his talents. He grew up with the show (I think he was only 24 years old when he started playing Kartik); and unfortunately became synonymous with Kartik Goenka. I don’t know if he will ever find such success again. It’s true, the past does not have to equal the future but who is to say that the future cannot exceed the past? Time will tell!

THE Kartik Goenka! My ladoo,
MY forever wala love! 🫶💛

DISCLAIMER: The blog is not and will not be dedicated to any one particular subject or object.

Also, I don’t follow the public figures on social media, especially if I am absolutely in love with their work.

For example, I am sooo in love with the US TV character Dean Winchester (Supernatural) and ITV character Kartik Goenka (Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Generation 2) but you won’t see me following Mohsin Khan or Jensen Ackles on social media. Why? Because I don’t want to associate actor’s real life to their reel life. I want to keep it simple for myself and love (or hate) them without them (the public figures, the real life actors) taking over my sanity!

I also don’t participate in any #Trend campaigns. I don’t kiss arse and I definitely don’t spew sweet nothings if my heart doesn’t agree with my head. Just because I love an actor or a character doesn’t mean I can’t say they were shit in xyz scene. If they were, I will say it just as easily as I do when they are awesome! Those who don’t like it can go spit their disagreement elsewhere!

And, one more thing … awards are CRAP! They are not awarded according to merit. One TV actor’s sibling that I had befriended on social media had long back told me that it’s all a lobbying game.

Akshay Kumar said he was offered half the salary and an award to perform on stage. Rishi Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan allegedly have confirmed they have ‘paid’ to win awards. Kangana Ranaut and Aamir Khan have been vocal against them. Almost every time, Hrithik Roshan has been given an award only after he has agreed to attend, host or dance on stage. Hrithik Roshan, one of the few truly deserving actor (yes, I find him fake but cannot deny he is THE best talent Bollywood has seen since his debut!) has to ‘give to get’ so how are awards fair?

Whether Mohsin Khan has won awards or not, I think, awards are crap and one should not judge one’s talent based on how many awards they bagged! Because awards … they are seriously CRAP!

CORRECTION/UPDATE: I had thought I found Kartik Goenka in Feb of 2023. Today, I realized based on my Twitter Media Section that I actually started watching YRKKH1 after the episode in which Abhimanyu apologizes to Akshara for his ignorance when he divorced her. I think that episode was in March of 2023. Fed up with Abhimanyu’s guilt and tears I started to watch YRKKH1. So, Kartil Goenka showed up in my life I think in March 2023 or thereabout, not in February.

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