Reality of Awards

If you think this is limited to Filmfare awards only, then you are living under some rock in Timbuktu! The casting couch, awards bartering, selling one’s soul to a devil is all part and parcel of entertainment life. This is true, not only in India but around the world which was revealed with the start of the “me too” movement!

I am sharing this video and Vanity Fair article below because I agree with their deductions and conclusion. There are a few and far between, deserving talent that have been recognized and awarded but them too, not without lobbying! This is true for movie stars and TV stars alike!

And, the video creator is right, earlier there used to be fewer categories, today there are over 40 categories. He is talking about Bollywood but even on Television, awarding Shaheer Sheikh a “special award” in 2023 was for what? Nahi… just what did he do that was so ‘special’ that a category was created just so they could stroke his ego?! How did an actor who has given shows that didn’t even last 15 months becomes “personality of the year” and wins an award? Nothing against Shaheer. But hadh hai!

They say, it’s “based on votes”. Tell me in which world Rajkumar Rao wins an award for the movie Stree over Ranbir Kapoor who was nominated for “Sanju”!? At least, the video clip of Filmfare awards 2019 (for 2018 films) showed Ranveer Singh and Rajkumar Rao shared ‘best actor’ award. Later, somehow, the awards were re-arranged and awarded to Ranbir Kapoor who won it for Sanju which was, in janta’s opinion, the right choice.

Have to give kudos to the likes of Akshay Kumar who won an award, went on stage but not to collect it but to dedicate it or literally revise judges’ unfairness and give the award to Aamir Khan for his work in Ghajini. Because in no way, that year, anyone else deserved (and didn’t win) all the awards for that year than Aamir Khan did for Ghajini!

Enjoy this video

Here is an article from Vanity Fair alleging how strings are pulled behind the scenes. [ LINK ]